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When the world learned that Eva Mendes was pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby, fans of the A-list heartthrob mourned the fact that he was apparently off the market for good.

A year after the birth of Esmeralda Amada, however, Mendes and Gosling are no closer to tying the knot, and one tabloid claims to know the reason why.

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Gosling is currently filming La La Land with Emma Stone. It’s the actors’ third movie together, and Gosling has been known to gush about his close friendship and chemistry with his “work wife.”

Many in Hollywood reportedly believe that Gosling and Stone’s relationship is more than just professional, and sources say Mendes is beginning to believe the rumors.

“It doesn’t matter how many times Ryan tells Eva that he and Emma are just friends, she knows there’s an attraction there,” a source close to Mendes tells Star magazine.

“Eva stops by the set and constantly calls Ryan to see what he’s up to. If she gets his voicemail, she’ll text and text until he gets back to her. Despite Ryan’s best efforts to soothe her suspicions, Eva remains unconvinced.”

Stone broke up with Andrew Garfield back in April amidst rumors of his infidelity, and insiders say Gosling served as her shoulder to cry on.

It was reportedly during that time that Mendes became suspicious.

“Her number one priority is their daughter, Esmeralda. Eva wants to know what her options are, should she decide to end her relationship with Ryan,” says the source.

“She’s consulted a lawyer about gaining primary custody of their baby girl, since Ryan’s always working. Eva doesn’t want a custody battle, but she knows Ryan won’t give Esmeralda up without a fight – so she wants to be prepared.”

Yes, the bad news is Ryan and Eva might soon be through. The worse news is that might be jumping right into another serious relationship. Sorry, ladies.