Jenelle Evans: Fighting With Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend on Facebook?

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Yesterday, we reported that Jenelle Evans is dating David Eason, a 27-year-old welder from North Carolina.

Because Jenelle can't go long without some insane drama in her life, she chose a dude who gets arrested almost as much as she does.

She also immediately began engaging in online fights with the people in his life. 

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Photo

Radar Online is reporting that Eason's friends and family are attempting to discourage him from getting serious with Jenelle.

One female friend (and possible ex-girlfriend) pointed out some of Jenelle's many, many (many) flaws on Facebook last night, and not surprisingly, Ms. Evans was not happy about it:

“Because she doesn’t have her state certification since she failed the exam," the friend wrote on Eason's page. "Because when she isn’t being fabulous at a red carpet event, she’s partying locally.

"Because she has to actually have her kids longer than 4 hours to be a mother...“No one is perfect, but they don’t have to be this train wreck either. There’s mistakes, and then there’s habitual f***ups.”

Jenelle - perhaps wanting to prove her sanity to the new man in her life - remained relatively calm in her least by Jenelle standards:

"Sweetheart say whatcha want but I’m not a train wreck anymore, it’s called growing up. You should try it!” Jenelle wrote.

“Yeah I go to some red carpet events here and there but ultimately my focus is my future for my family and that’s why I have a backup plan, so before you call someone an idiot or a bad mother maybe you should look more into their lives than judging them so quickly and harshly.”

Of course, the most mature thing would've been not responding at all, but even if she's really "not a train wreck anymore," this is still Jenelle we're talking about.

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