Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth: Staying Together Just For Wedding Payday?!

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Maybe it is because rumors claim Shawn Booth is still in love with his ex.

Or perhaps because Booth’s dad thinks Kaitlyn and Shawn won't last.

Whatever the reason, most people don’t believe that The Bachelorette couple Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are actually going to say “I do.”

Well, they're about to prove us wrong ... whatever their intentions!

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The reality-made couple claim they are truly in love and that they are planning a lavish Bachelor Nation style soiree in which to tie the knot.

There was one little thing they forgot the mention about the wedding: Kaitlyn and Shawn will bank about $1 million for the TV wedding.

So are they really in love with one another?

Or do they love the money and fame?

Most likely, they will be “in love” so they can cash in on the $1 million paycheck.

The most recent edition of Life & Style dishes that Kaitlyn and Shawn have been making bank since the Season 11 finale of The Bachelorette.

According to the mag, they have been pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars, a gravy train that would quickly dry up if the duo split.

David Johnson, a branding expert, told the magazine that “together they’re worth $3 Million.”

He added, “For each product they are Instagramming and Tweeting, they could net $15,000 per cost."

"They could fetch up to $500,000 each. They could easily pocket $1 Million from the network for the wedding alone.”

Kaitlyn and Shawn have gushed over each other in interviews, claiming they are in love and that their relationship is authentic.

We aren’t sure if that’s true.

But what we do know is that they have no problem garnering attention on social media and endorsing products to make a buck ... or thousands of bucks.

Time will tell if Kaitlyn and Shawn make it down the aisle.  If they do, something tells us the divorce will cost more than what they make.

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