Shawn Booth: CHEATING on Kaitlyn Bristowe?!

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It’s only been a month since Katilyn Bristowe gave Shawn Booth the final rose on The Bachelorette.  But there’s already trouble in paradise.

Rumor has it that Shawn’s got himself wrapped up in a good, old-fashioned cheating scandal!

Shawn, Kaitlyn

According to Ok! Magazine, Shawn has been constantly texting his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Mae.  The mag also claims that he was calling his ex-girlfriend just weeks prior to his engagement to Kaitlyn aired on ABC.

A number of sources were quick to blow up his spot saying that Shawn was actually planning on marrying his ex.  They claim that he even bought Sarah a house.

While they were still together, Shawn gushed about their relationship, talking about someday starting a family with her.

In the end, their jobs in different states put too much strain on their relationship.  So they called it quits.

But that doesn’t mean Shawn is over her!

Shawn might pretend to be in love with Kaitlyn, but his friends and family don’t believe it.  They know he still has a thing for his ex-girlfriend.

Sarah Mae, according to insiders, was Shawn’s high-school sweetheart.  Despite their past, Sarah doesn’t seem to want much to do with Shawn, especially after seeing him on The Bachelorette.

A source close to Sarah said, “Sarah has moved on, she could care less about Shawn. Seeing the way he behaved on The Bachelorette was a reminder of why their relationship didn’t work to begin with.”

“But, if she ever did decide to take him back – he would dump Kaitlyn in a heart beat,” the source added. “Kaitlyn is just a rebound, in his eyes their engagement is just to tie him over until he convinces Sarah to give him another chance.”

So what does this mean for Kaitlyn and Shawn?

Of course, since the beginning, there has been speculation that Kaitlyn and Shawn's engagement is fake.

It’s hard to say. But between the potentially fake engagement and Shawn's ex-girlfriend,  it doesn’t look like things are getting off to a great start.

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