Queen Elizabeth Retiring: Prince William, Kate Middleton Taking Over Throne?!

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Yesterday marked an impressive milestone for Queen Elizabeth: 63 years as Queen. The anniversary marked the longest reign of a British monarch in history.

But now that the celebration is over, the Queen may be ready to retire. Who could blame her? Sixty-three years is a damn long time to rule one of the world’s leading superpowers.

Ok! King and Queen

According to a new report, if the Queen does decide to retire, she will bypass Prince Charles and make Prince William and Kate Middleton the next King and Queen of England.

This certainly comes as a surprise because recent gossip has reported that the Queen and Kate Middleton are feuding.

The most recent cover of Ok! Magazine features the royal family - and not without mentioning that Prince Charles is “furious.”

Ok! Magazine even dishes the details on the possible $1 Billion coronation ceremony for Prince William and Princess Kate.

Technically, the Queen does not have the legal power to bypass Charles and handpick William and Kate. However, she does have the power to persuade.  And apparently, she is working to convince Charles to forgo the throne.

Reportedly, Charles gave into his mother and will forfeit the throne for his son.  But according to a source, Charles is p*ssed about it.

The source claims, “It has been a tough pill to swallow for Charles. He has spent his whole life waiting to succeed his mother. He initially flew in to a rage, ranting that the throne is his. But, then he began to see her way of thinking.” 

But no one is more upset than Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker-Bowles.  Camilla has been waiting for her chance at the throne since the days of Diana.  And now, she has no chance!

For Kate Middleton though, this is great news.  Rumors claim that Kate was worried the Queen would shun her.  So much that Kate was plotting a third baby as leverage in an effort to secure her position in the royal family.

William and Kate’s coronation will reportedly commence in April 2016 after Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

Ok! Magazine claims the event will cost $1 billion, and sources believe it will take place at Westminster Abbey—the very church where Prince William and Kate got married in 2011.

Now, the big question is…who will be on the guest list???

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