Jeff Prescott: Kate Gosselin Was USING ME For Her Reality Show!

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Last week, Jeff Prescott dumped Kate Gosselin after nine months of dating.

The breakup seemed to come out of nowhere, and just a few weeks earlier, it had been rumored that Prescott and Gosselin were engaged.

So why the sudden change of heart? Well, it seems that no man can replace the number one love in Kate's life.

No, we're not talking about her kids. We're talking about her reality show, of course!

Kate Goss.
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Yes, TMZ is reporting that Jeff became fed up with Kate's obsession with fame and began to feel that she was using him to boost ratings for Kate Plus 8.

Sources say Prescott agreed to do the show against his better instincts, but quickly realized that Kate was more interested in him as a "love interest" character on the show than as a real-life boyfriend.

Apparently, Prescott ended the relationship immediately when Kate started bossing him around on set, and they haven't spoken since.

No wonder Jon Gosselin was quick to celebrate Kate's breakup on social media. 

In fact, Jon should pretty much be idolizing Jeff at this point. The man did what Jon should've done in season one, which is jump ship as soon as he realized that Kate's relationships will always take a backseat to her desire for more fame. 

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