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Earlier today, the world learned that Kate Gosselin has been dumped by Jeff Prescott after nine months of dating.

Pretty much no one likes Kate at this point, so there were plenty of people who were happy to hear that the world’s worst mom was no longer dating a millionaire, and may have been dumped for a 26-year-old blonde.

But we’re guessing no one was as thrilled by the news as Jon Gosselin.

When a friend posted an article about Kate’s breakup to Jon’s Facebook page, the 38-year-old father of eight responded with an Emoji worth a thousand words:

Jon Gosselin on Kate Gosselin's Breakup

Jon’s hallelujah hands instantly began racking up “likes.”

Jon and Kate have basically been at war since their divorce six years ago, but the feud between the exes has been particularly brutal lately, as a result of their custody battle over daughter Hannah.

The matter is still being decided by a judge, so it’s not surprising that Jon kept his gloating to a minimum and chose not to speak ill of Kate.

While Jon has gone through a number of girlfriends in the years since the couple parted ways (He’s currently dating Colleen Conrad.), this was Kate’s first major post-divorce relationship.

At least it’s the first that she’s admitted to. There have been rumors of Kate dating Steve Neild, but both parties have denied that they’re romantically linked. 

Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that Neild is married. Stay tuned for more of the ongoing soap opera that is Kate’s love life!