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Hillary Clinton tried once again to inject some heart and humor into her campaign on Thursday night.

After speaking this week with Mario Lopez on Extra, the Presidential nominee stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, giving an interview not long after the second GOP debate came to an end on CNN.

Hillary Clinton Pretends to Talk to Donald Trump

First, Clinton took part in a skit with the host, who was dressed up like a certain real-estate-mogul-turned-frightening-leading-Republican-candidate.

"I haven’t seen you since my last wedding," Fallon as Donald Trump said, to which Clinton replied:

"I am sure I will see you at the next one."

At one point, Clinton pretended to grab a pen with which to take notes, only to sip instead from a glass of white wine.

On the topic of Bernie Sanders’ hair, Clinton quipped: "At least he doesn’t have just one strand that he twirls over his head like a soft serve at Dairy Queen."

Not a terrible line. But not the best delivery of all-time, either.

Following the phone segment, Clinton said in her interview that she’ been entertained by watching Trump run.

"He’s making the most out of it and I’m having a good time watching it," she laughed.

Hillary also said she’s touch enough to be President… that parents should read to their kids… and that Kim Kardashian is very nice.

Yes, Clinton met Kim and Kanye West at an August fundraiser, telling Fallon of the famous couple:

"I have to say, she and her husband, Kanye, came to one of my fundraisers in L.A. – they were just delightful. She’s a pro at the selfie thing."

Many believe that Clinton will be a pro at the President thing. But she may want to leave the humor thing in the hand of others.