Farrah Abraham: I'm Better Than Kim Kardashian!!!

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Farrah Abraham is currently starring in the UK's mega-popluar reality series Celebrity Big brother, and sending to Teen Mom trainwreck to another country to share her unique brand of crazy with an audience of millions has been just as disastrous as you would expect.

Farrah Abraham on Celebrity Big Brother

On the very first episode, Farrah attacked another housemate and threatened to spit on her.

She followed that up by threatening to kill the entire cast!

Of course, this is the country that gave us Simon Cowell, so the Brits obviously have a pretty high tolerance for douchey behavior.

Therefore, Farrah has yet to be voted off the show, which means she keeps spitting out pearls (sorry for the image) of ridiculousness several nights a week.

On last night's episode for example, some of the housemates confronted Farrah about her tendency to refer to herself as "the queen of reality TV."

Some suggested that title should be reserved for the actual queen of reality TV, Kim Kardashian. 

Farrah responded in her usual nonsensical fashion, saying, "I've actually beat her."

There's no way of knowing what Farrah meant by that, but she's never come close to beating Kim in terms of ratings or earnings.

So it's safe to assume that she's referencing the fact that there was a time when Farrah's sex tape was more popular than Kim's.

Of course, the main reasons for that are:

  1. Farrah was already a reality star when her porn sex tape went public, and
  2. Kim's sex tape made "celebrity sex tapes" a thing, thus paving the way for future desperate attention whores like Farrah.

Respect your elders, Farrah. Transformers 19 might have beat Gone With the Wind at the box office, but one is classic and the other is just unintentionally hilarious.

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