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Bristol Palin is back with another online diatribe, this time suggesting that Anna Duggar and Hillary Clinton are the same person basically.

Bristol Palin Goofs Off

When she’s not getting pregnant and disappointed about it, Bristol the Pistol is blogging like a woman possessed about current events.

Current events like the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed and how Barack Obama is to blame for the entire universe’s problems, typically.

Today, however, she focused on another liberal political staple, noting the similarities between Hillary Clinton and … Anna Duggar.

For real. Writes the unwed, soon-to-be mother of two:

Why are people so looking down on Anna Duggar for choosing what she thinks is best for her family, when Hillary Clinton stuck by her man?

Please tell me what is the difference?

I don’t understand why Anna is receiving so much criticism (where our opinions are really not needed).

I was only 7 or 8 when Bill Clinton’s sexual affairs were being made public, so I don’t remember much about it. 

But it certainly seems like Hillary was empowered by her decision to stick by Bill, wasn’t she?

What is the difference? Is it Anna’s evangelical Christian faith?

Is it?! What a profound argument!

Beyond the hilarious irony of Bristol Palin noting that people’s opinions on a celebrity’s personal life are "really not needed," where to begin?

Of the two women she’s comparing, one is extremely well educated, independent, and a borderline historical figure in her own regard.

Should she choose to live apart from her cheating spouse, in the wake of his infidelity or for any reason, she could very easily do so.

The other was homeschooled in a very religious household until age 16 and received no further education, then married very young.

She married into a family who believes that a woman is meant to have as many children as their uteruses will allow, and serve their man.

Her husband also strayed. A lot. But with no education, no job and four kids, she’s in a tougher spot than her maligned wife counterpart.

Seems like a common sense list of factual statements, right?

Not to Bristol, who believes anyone who laments Anna’s position but not Hillary’s is a total hypocrite and automatically against Christianity.

Hopefully next time, she’ll stick to defending Kylie Jenner.