Rob Kardashian & Jennifer Lawrence: Dating! (Hilarious Report Claims)

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Is it possible that Rob Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence are dating? Almost certainly not, but that's the hilarious claim being made by the desperate fools at Heat Magazine.

In case you're not familiar, Heat is one of the UK's more ridiculous tabloids (which is really saying something), so this claim isn't too surprising, but it is very, very funny.

Rob and Jen aren't totally unconnected, so it's easy to see how the folks at Heat thought they might be able to get away with this one, but Just no.

J. Law Pic
Robert Kardashian Jr.

Last month, Lawrence and Kris Jenner got in bed together to snap an amusing selfie for Jen's birthday.

Apparently, the two are friends because Jennifer is huge reality TV fan, and the universe is a strange place.

These days, Kris is helping Rob plot his big comeback after months of seclusion and Taco Bell, and the folks at Heat claim Kris figured a relationship with J-Law would be the perfect way to announce to the world that he's doing better than ever.

“It was totally set up, but they hit it off! Rob is funny and Jen is hilarious," a "source" tells the magazine.

So Jen has abandoned her preference for handsome, accomplished Brits in favor of a former professional sock designer who - according to his own family - spends his days drinking, smoking pot and playing video games

Dare to dream, Rob. Dare to dream.

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