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For a couple that’s currently in the process of getting divorced, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spend an awful lot of time together.

Just last weekend, Ben and Jen went to church and then took their kids to a nearby farmer’s market.

Prior to that, Affleck and Garner attended a couples counseling session, which is obviously a very unusual thing for an estranged husband and wife to do.

So what’s the deal? Is there any truth to those rumors that Ben and Jen are getting back together?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Faking for the Camera?
(Ivan Nikolov/

Not quite, says a source close to the couple.

Apparently, Affleck and Garner are simply taking a very Gwyneth-esque approach to ending their marriage, and while they plan to proceed with the divorce, they’re also hoping to remain close with one another.

“They are working hard and enjoying being friends,” a source tells E! News “Ben wants her to be happy and vice versa.

“Just because they are getting divorced doesn’t mean they cannot be supportive friends. They will have their good and bad days like everyone else.”

It may seem strange that these two are rushing right into post-divorce friendship (especially considering the many rumors that Affleck was caught cheating on Garner), but insiders say they’re doing it for the kids, and we fully support that.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to be besties with Batman, ya know?