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When we watched the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, we were shocked by the outcome of the show.

But now, we are more shocked by how much Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert got paid to get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise!

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert

After Tanner got down on one knee and proposed to Jade, received at least $88,000—but not in cash.

Now, $88,000 is nothing to scoff at. But to sacrifice and exploit my life for two years for someone I probably don’t love???  I’d need a little more money than that.  More money or bust, b*tches.

Especially because the $88,000 comes in the form of a ring rather than cash!!

Every time one of the contestants on the Bachelor franchise gets engaged, the bride-to-be receives a Neil Lane engagement ring and the jeweler appears on the show for free advertising.

Jade and Tanner get to keep the ring if they stick it out for two years.  But if they split before that, they have to return the ring to the jeweler.

Jade told TMZ, “ABC owns it for two years, and after that, if we’re still together, we keep it… Or until we get married.”

Though the Bachelor franchise is quiet about how much money they offer contestants, the general consensus is that Bachelor and Bachelorette couples get rings worth $100,000.

The real pay comes if they actually get married.  If they do, they will receive a pay check, keep the ring, and earn free swag for the wedding day.

I’d do the same thing I did with my wedding ring … pawn that b*tch.