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Suffice it to say, Ted Nugent is not among those lighting a candle for the late Cecil the Lion. Instead, he is lighting the Internet on fire.

In response to those crushed by the creature’s death – and the man responsible, Walter Palmer – Nugent unleashed an epic Facebook tirade.

Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion

“The whole story is a lie,” writes the rocker. “It was a wild lion from a ‘park’ where hunting is legal & ESSENTIAL beyond the park borders.”

“All animals reproduce every year & would run out of room/food to live w/o hunting,” adds Ted. “I will write a full piece on this joke asap.”

“God are people stupid.”

Ted’s statement would be true if he were speaking about white-tailed deer in Michigan, but applying it to endangered wild cats of Africa is a stretch.

Walter Palmer didn’t merely rile up Twitter by hunting Cecil, he violated laws of Zimbabwe and is cooperating with an investigation as a result.

Nonplussed, avid hunter Ted claims that this country’s president eats baby elephant, thus, “Zimbabwe has their own black devil tyrant. Sucks dont it.”

We are at a loss for words at this point.

Pivoting back to Cecil, he ranted, “Cecil, the other white meat. Lion’s lives matter? Bulls—. Only if they are disrespected with a human name.”

“Black lives matter? Bulls—.”

“Apparently not in Chicago Detroit LA DC Philly Compton South Central etc etc where they are slaughtered daily with no one giving a good goddam.”

“Sick dishonest hypocrite society PC from hell,” Nugent, 66, concluded with this parting shot. “Lions are a renewable resource. Go back to sleep.”

As of this report, Ted has yet to pen another missive about the killing of Cecil’s brother Jericho by poachers … but it’s still early Sunday morning.