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Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Guzman believes their daughter Royalty is not safe when she’s alone with him and wants a judge to intervene.

So much for working this custody thing out amicably.

Reports that Nia feels Royalty is not safe with Chris are not new, but it’s worse than we thought, as she is now getting the legal system involved.

Guzman wants the courts to guarantee that Chris only sees Royalty, who recently turned one, when someone else is around to monitor them.

We imagine this is not going to go over well.

Nia Guzman filed the legal documents for supervised visitation; Chris has filed his own papers to establish paternity of the girl, born last year.

Once he does so, the singer can legally fight for joint custody of his daughter, but the courts have not ruled on his application as of this report.

For her part, Guzman wants full custody since she believes Chris Brown is just too irresponsible to care for another human being on his own.

She may not make the most terrible point.

Royalty and Chris have enjoyed some nice father-daughter bonding, for sure, but given his track record and the people he hangs out with?!

Guzman believes he and his friends all have substance abuse issues, and are generally bad news (Brown’s home getting robbed by "insiders").

Chris believes this is just her angling for more child support, which he had been providing this whole time with no involvement from a judge.

Stay tuned.