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Stephen Amell will return to fighting crime in Starling City on October 7 when Arrow Season 4 premieres.

In the meantime, however, has some actual fighting to do first.

Stephen Amell Signs on for Summerslam Match

The actor sat in the front row of Monday Night Raw last night, only for Stardust to continue his feud with Amell by leaning in over the barrier and punching him in the face.

Amell tried to jump in to the ring for some retaliation, only to be held back by security guards.

Fast forward to a backstage confrontation with WWE COO Triple H, an agreement to sign legal papers that remove all liability from the company… and it was on!

It was booked for for Summerslam: Stephen Amell and Neville will take on Stardust and Wade Barrett in a tag team match!

Summerslam is generally considered to be the WWE’s second-biggest pay-per-view of the year after Wrestlemania. 

It will air on Sunday, August 23. And our money is on Amell to come out on top!