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Rumors of Drake and Serena Williams hooking up have been circulating for months, and both parties have repeatedly insisted that they’re just friends.

But if the tennis legend and the emotional emcee wanted to keep their relationship on the DL, they’ve should’ve laid off the PDA, because TMZ has photos of Drake and Serena making out at a swanky Cincinnati restaurant.

Drizzy and Serena hit up the high-end eatery Sotto to celebrate her victory at the WTA tournament in Cinci, and apparently, they couldn’t wait for the check to arrive to start pawing at each other.

Of course, Serena is as famous for her curves as she is for her serves, and anyone who’s seen Drake enjoy a lap dance from Nicki Minaj knows that the man is a fan of the booty.

But we’re guessing their connection is about more than just off-court smashing.

Both Drake and Serena are at the top of their respective fields at the moment.

Serena is the number-one ranked female tennis player in the world, and Drake’s been murdering rival Meek Mill in what might be the most lop-sided hip hop feud since the Insane Clown Posse tried to take on Eminem.

Basically, these two are all about dominance these days, so it seems only natural that they’d get together. 

Winning championships is great and all, but it’s about time Serena scored some love off the court.