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So, Justin Bieber… you want to cozy up to Xenia Deli?

Go right ahead. But Selena Gomez is here to give you a reminder of what you’re missing.

Selena Gomez Wears Underwear

The singer has shared a new photo on Instagram, one in which she’s sitting in what appears to be a spa or a bathroom, rocking a sexy white tanktop and even more sexy leopard-print underwear.

She has captioned the image with a simple "morning."

Gomez recently gave an interview that detailed her past with Bieber, as she opened up about falling love with the artist and why she stopped wearing a purity ring once they were dating.

But Selena then took to social media and lamented both the Q&A and the way in which it was covered, pleading with celebrity gossip websites to focus on her future, not her past.

The star simply cannot wait for folks to hear new music on her new album (due to drop on October 9) and is sick of being intertwined with Bieber at all times.

Which is understandable. We totally get that.

And if Selena’s goal is to have people talk about something other than her romance with Bieber, consider that mission accomplished.

The photo above is certainly giving folks something else to drool buzz over.