Robin Williams' Widow Demands More Money From Estate

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Robin Williams widow, Susan Schneider, is reportedly trying to swindle more money from her late husband’s estate.  For some this may come as no surprise, consider Robin and Susan's relationship was tumultuous at best.

For instance, at the time of Robin's death, sources said Susan tried to control Robin's life and isolate him from his children.

Susan Schneider, Robin Williams

Susan has filed legal documents claiming that she can't pay the mortgage, insurance, and maintenance on the home that she and Robin shared in Tiburon, California.  Reportedly, Susan wants more money from Robin's estate to pay the bills.

No requested dollar amount has been specified in the court documents.  However, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Susan claims she hasn't received any money from Robin’s estate.

Even though media reports claim that Susan and Robin’s children have already settled their dispute over the estate, Zelda Williams, Robin's daughter, says that isn’t even remotely true.

Robin's family has been embattled with Susan over the details of the proposed settlement.  And according to Zelda, the settlement hasn’t been finalized at all!

Some wonder if Susan deserves much at all.  She and Robin were only married for three years.  And reportedly, at the time of Robin’s death, they were in the midst of separating.

Rumors claim that Susan and Robin weren’t even sharing a bedroom.

Reportedly, on August 11 2014, the day Robin committed suicide, Susan had been sleeping in another bedroom.  And though she knew her husband was in a deeply depressed state, she didn’t check on him before leaving the house for the day.

It is hard to decipher fact from fiction in situations that involve money, especially celebrity fortunes.

But what we do know that settling on deceased celebrities' estates can be an arduous and dramatic battle.  So there’s definitely more to come with this story.

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