Robin Williams' Wife Attempted to "Control His Life," Isolate Him From Children, Source Claims

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It's been ten months since the world learned that comedy legend Robin Williams had taken his own life at his home in California.

There have been dozens of conflicting reports regarding what might have driven a man who was so famously full of energy and enthusiasm to give in to his demons, but new information provided today by an anonymous source offers a previously unexplored explanation for Williams' depression.

Susan Schneider, Robin Williams

According to Radar Online, an insider who was close to Robin throughout his final years believes that Williams' tumultuous relationship with his wife, Susan Schneider, may have helped drive the comedian to the brink.

"There were odd things she did in the months leading up to his suicide...The children were edged out of the family, slowly isolating father from his family," says the source. 

The unidentified friend says that Williams' Parkinson's diagnosis caused him to further distrust Schneider.

"She wanted to take control so she could be in charge of his financials...Robin was aware of this, and unfortunately, his health was what led him to fear that he would ultimately be under the control of someone he didn't trust."

"Things came to light that Susan wanted to basically put Robin away, like in a facility, where she would have absolute control and they would never see him. She is a callous, cold woman."

The insider adds that the couple had taken to sleeping in separate rooms in the months before Williams' suicide:

"It was clear there was something seriously wrong with their marriage..."He didn't feel in control. He felt he married to someone whose motives went beyond love."

The source says the final straw for Williams came when Schneider wouldn't allow him to see his children on his birthday, just weeks before he took his own life.

Currently, Williams' wife and children are battling over his estate, and the characterization offered by the anonymous source matches with the way the Williams' kids lawyers will attempt to portray her in court.

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