Lindsay Lohan Posts Topless Selfie, Continues to Make Great Life Choices

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Lindsay Lohan hasn't acted in anything that anyone has actually seen since Mean Girls, back in freakin' 2004.

However, with nearly 4 million Instagram followers, she definitely still has an audience, and she knows how to give her fans what they want - namely, boobs:

Lindsay Lohan: Topless on Instagram

Lindsay is in Greece at the moment, which makes perfect sense when you consider how much she has in common with the country. They both peaked way too early, and now they're completely broke.

Anyway, Lohan's current career woes clearly haven't hampered her selfie confidence.

Sure, Lindsay photoshops her pics with disastrous results sometimes, but as far as we can tell, the photo above is au naturel.

It seems there's something about hotel rooms that brings out Lindsay's naked side. (See: the famous underwear and champagne selfie of last year. No, really - see it!) 

We're all for it, but we can't help but wonder why she looks so different from one Instagram post to the next these days.

Last week, Lindsay looked like Emma Stone. Now she's returned to usual styling  - South Florida Hooters girl/bath salts enthusiast who always forgets your hot wings.

Again, we're not complaining, as Lindsay is somehow pulling this shape-shifting routine off. 

We're just starting to think that she's keeping her distance from the US because she's afraid she'll captured by a government research lab. 

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