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Several months ago, rumors Leonardo DiCaprio was dating Rihanna were all over the Internet.

Some outlets even went so far as to claim that DiCaprio had gotten Rihanna pregnant.

Yes, as always, the American press took a somewhat unbelievable story and ran it into the ground. Of course, when it comes to really going too far with the sordid sex rumors, no one can hold a candle to the French press:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna French Tabloid Cover

That’s the cover of a French tabloid called Oops! (Your guess is as good as ours.), and apparently, the mag claimed that Leo knocked RiRi up, then informed her that he wants nothing to do with the baby and completely cut her off.

Leo is now suing the publication for 20 grand (the maximum amount for this sort of lawsuit in France), and demanding a retraction.

Unfortunately, the editor of le rag du gossip is offering his 2 cents on Leo in interviews – and making things far worse.

In addition to deriding the actor as a "pervert," editor Frederic Trukolaski claims that Leo’s romantic past reveals a "racial issue."

“DiCaprio almost systematically goes out with Aryan-type girls, always blonde hair,” Trukolaski says. “He could not stand the fact that our magazine was saying he was having a baby with a black girl."

Yeah, he went there.

Needless to say, many now believe Leo will drop another lawsuit on Trukolaski. Don’t f–k with the King of the World.