Rihanna: Leonardo DiCaprio is the Best I've Ever Had

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We're assuming that Rihanna doesn't read much celebrity gossip, because apparently, she somehow thinks that Leonardo DiCaprio is grade-A husband material.

Yes, the same Leonardo DiCaprio who went home with 20 models just last month.

In case you haven't heard DiCaprio and Rihanna hooked up during a recent party at the Playboy Mansion, and it seems that wasn't the first time.

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In the days that followed, we learned that Leo and Rihanna have been hooking up for years.

We would be tempted to dismiss that as the BS claim of a desperate tabloid, but it would make an awful lot of sense, when you think about it:

Leo and Rih both like to party; they're both unattached; and apparently, they both enjoy mind-blowing sex:

"Rihanna is sexy, and they have a connection," a source tells Us Weekly. "Their chemistry is off the charts. Rihanna loves Leo's attitude about life, and he thinks her laid-back demeanor is irresistibly sexy. She says he's the best she's ever had."

So there you have it. It's a Monday in January with a blizzard barreling down on the Northeast, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna are having the kind of sex that you'll only ever read about. You're welcome, America.

But hold on. Before you jump out that window, check out the best part of this story:

Some British tabloid named Look is claiming that Leo is part of RiRi's "conscious effort to date more stable guys" and she's already hearing wedding bells and picking out baby names:

"Rihanna is really close to her family and wants kids some day," the hilarious report claims. "[She] wanted to lay the groundwork for a family-based relationship up front. Leo appreciated the honesty."

Right, because nothing says "family-based relationship" like Leonardo DiCaprio. As long as you're talking about a family of willing models.

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