Kelly Osbourne Suffered "Complete Meltdown" After Racist View Comments, Sources Claim

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Last week, Kelly Osbourne to declare on live, national TV that Mexicans are skilled at cleaning toilets.

Believe it or not, Kelly's heart was in the right place (we think), as she intended to make the point that the US would suffer greatly without the labor of hardworking immigrants.

Unfortunately, her comment came off as the tone-deaf result of a lifetime of white privilege.

The remark was made even more offensive by the fact that just a few months later, Kelly had thrown her Fashion Police co-star under the bus for making an ill-advised joke about Zendaya Coleman's hair.

The whole thing smacked of hypocrisy and entitlement.

Kelly was happy to pounce when someone else put their foot in their mouth on live TV, but she became angry and defensive when she became the subject of similar criticism.

Many fans were shocked when co-host Rosie Perez apologized to Kelly both on the air and on Twitter within hours of the gaffe, but now it seems Rosie wasn't left with much choice - and she may have quit her job in protest shortly thereafter.

According to the Daily Mail, Kelly broke down crying the moment the show cut to commercial.

“Everyone is going to think I’m racist. I can’t believe this," she reportedly sobbed. 'Kelly was having a complete meltdown. She was the one screaming and crying.” 

That's when producers allegedly cornered Perez and insisted that she apologize to Osbourne.

Perez was already planning to leave The View, but insiders say she was so disgusted by the way producers handled the Osbourne situation that she decided to cancel her final appearances.

Yeesh. Say what you will about the occasionally clumsy way in which Rancic handled the fallout from her Zendaya comments, at least she never forced anyone to apologize.

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