Woman Finds Complete Stranger Who Looks IDENTICAL!

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When 23-year-old Amanda Fisher heard that someone else looked exactly like her, she probably didn’t expect that person to be identical.

The Frisco, Texas, resident was running errands when a friend mentioned he saw a girl on Instagram who looked exactly like her.

Look-Alike Strangers
Doppleganger Strangers

Fisher went about her day.  But, later, other friends began mentioning her Instagram-twin.  So Fisher had to take a look for herself.

Much to her surprise, Fisher and her Instagram look-alike didn't look alike. They looked identical. From the hair cut to their bone structure, the girls’ appearance is uncannily similar.

Fisher was so shocked, she turned to the internet for help in meeting her Doppelganger.

"I have a feeling she uses imgur judging by the pictures she has posted," Fisher wrote. "I'm hoping she will see this so she can be just as weirded out as me!”

After a few days, an Imgur user recognized the other woman and identified her as 22-year-old Indiana resident Meredith Pond.

According to BuzzFeed, the ladies communicated via Facebook.  Fisher said seeing the resemblance was probably “initially frightening” and may have left Meredith “confused," but she is glad they were able to connect.

"I read somewhere that everyone has at least six or seven people in the world that look a lot like you," she stated.  "I always thought it would be strange to meet one of those people.”

They have not met in person, but they hope for a possible face-to-face meeting.

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