Jon Stewart to Host WWE Summerslam

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Jon Stewart has booked his return to television, just a few weeks after signing off from The Daily Show.

The comedian will serve as host of WWE Summerslam this Sunday!

Jon Stewart at His Desk

Generally considered the company's second biggest pay-per-view (after Wrestlemania), Summerslam will also feature Arrow star Stephen Amell taking on Stardust.

Early this year, meanwhile, Stewart engaged in a social media feud with current WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins.

It culminated in Stewart kicking Rollins in the crotch during an appearance on Monday Night Raw and then in Rollins stopping by The Daily Show during on of Stewart's final tapings.

It's unclear exactly what Stewart will be doing as host of Summerslam, but expect him to mix it up with the WWE champion once again.

And then, somewhere down the line, we can all just hope this results in a Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert steel cage match.

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