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Duck Dynasty Season 8 Episode 7, entitled "The Ducket List," featured Uncle Si trying to fulfill his final dreams before the clock runs out.

With that title, that has to be a recipe for a quality show, right?

Given that it’s Si we’re talking about, you knew it would be.

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Watch Duck Dynasty Season 8 Episode 7 Online

As for what Si actually embarked on, Duck Dynasty Season 8 Episode 7 will not disappoint. If you think about his antics on a regular basis?

Just imagine when he turns his Love of Life Game up to 11.

Silas has clearly had a zest for living, and for doing so in absurd fashion. Now he’s got extra motivation to squeeze the juice out of every day.

While a Si-centric episode can sometimes become a much, as he’s best as a sidekick, here it made for a great one under the circumstances.

Elsewhere, Miss Kay set out to prove to her skeptical sons, specifically Willie and Alan Robertson, that she did actually graduate high school.

Did she earn her diploma? And did they believe their mother?

The answer awaits when you watch Duck Dynasty online.