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We’re just days away from Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday, and even though she’ll finally be able to go public with her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga without fear of the world labeling him a creepy pedo, it looks as though it’s not all smooth sailing.

She can thank Blac Chyna for that.

Sources say Kyle’s feud with Blac Chyna – Tyga’s former fiancee and baby mama – is one she simply "can’t let go of" these days.

And with Instagram posts like the one below, shared by the infamous stripper this week, it’s not hard to see why she still has beef:

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Sure, it looks innocent enough at first, just a pic of Blac chillin’ poolside in a bikini. Pretty much standard for Chyna.

But then there’s the caption, which has been interpreted by many as a come-on to Tyga – and a shot fired at Kylie. 

"I know u miss me," Blac wrote, along with kiss Emojis.

Yeah, we can read between the lines, and this wouldn’t be the first time that Blac has trolled Kylie on Instagram, either.

She usually keeps it subtle, though many fans expect Chyna to ramp up the attacks once Kylie turns 18 and she and Tyga come out as a couple.

Things quieted down for a bit earlier this summer, but theories that Blac framed Tyga for cheating on Kylie continue to dog the couple.

Jenner, some sources say, is hurt and out for revenge.

Yes, it all sounds sophomoric and like a ridiculous soap opera, and yes, it’s hilarious … until you remember there’s a child involved.

Two children, if you count Kylie. Zing!