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Former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis was arrested on Wednesday for domestic violence following an alleged attack on his ex.

Angel Reed, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter, told officers that Maroulis had thrown her on the ground before kicking her in the groin.

Maroulis’ rep denied her allegation and said that Reed had thrown things and taken a swing at her ex-boyfriend during their altercation.

“He consequently left their home to protect himself and to diffuse the situation,” the rep said. “Sometime later the local police came.”

At that point, officers “arrested him for domestic abuse.”

As for why they got so heated? Maroulis and Reed dated for six years before he recently broke the news that he was leaving her.

This is reportedly what caused the alleged fight.

Maroulis was later released on bail and to quietly return to obscurity, where he has been residing since his run on Idol ages ago.