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Throughout her years in the spotlight, Christina Aguilera’s weight has fluctuated, her style has changed dramatically (Remember the X-Tina days?), and she lost and regained her A-lister status on several occasions.

So we’re used to the idea that change is the only constant when it comes to Christina. That said, we never expected her to change into a Kardashian:

Christina Aguilera Butt Implant Photo
Photo via Joel Ginsburg/

That’s Ms. Aguilera showing off some sizable ‘donk during a red carpet appearance in Vegas last night. We already knew Christina’s post-baby body was impressive, but not in that way.

Now, as you probably know, big butts are all the rage these days, and some folks think it seems a little too convenient that Christina sprouted a Kardashi-ass right in the middle of all this booty mania.

That means, of course, that Christina is the latest victim of butt implant rumors.

We’re not saying necessarily that she’s definitely not sporting some surgically enhanced cakes, but we are saying that the Internet is sometimes too quick to accuse curvy women of having work done.

When Christina packed on some pounds a few years ago, the fat-shamers pounced all over her.

Now that her extra padding has taken a more traditionally desirable shape, everyone’s saying it must be fake?

Frankly, we think Christina’s had this booty inside her all along, and she’s just now letting it out. Like a genie in a bottle, if you will.