Trace Cyrus Cancels Concert, Complains of Anti-Tattoo Prejudice on Facebook

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Back in May, there were reports of Trace Cyrus getting kicked out of a restaurant because of his tattoos.

Granted, Trace has a lot of tattoos, but discrimination is discrimination, and denying someone service on the basis of their physical appearance is never okay.

Nowadays, more people understand that simple fact than ever before, so it's not surprising that fans of the Cyrus family are rallying around Trace in the wake of his latest tale of anti-ink prejudice.

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Trace is the guitarist and lead singer for the band Metro Station, and he says he was forced to cancel a concert in Toronto over the weekend for fear of being mistreated at the border due to his tatts. 

"Most every time I cross into Canada, border agents treat me like a criminal," Trace wrote on the band's Facebook page. 

"I have become an immediate target. One of my last times going there I was put in a room for hours and interrogated and searched till after hours of them finding nothing they finally let me go."

Trace says he's been harassed by Canadian authorities not only because of his appearance, but also because of his membership in a "famous family."

Despite his rock star demeanor and tabloid-target sister, Trace mostly stays out of the headlines and keeps his nose clean.

The last time we heard from him was when Trace got back together with Brenda Song last month.

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