Total Divas Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Eat Your Heart Out

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Last night on an enthralling Total Divas Season 4 Episode 3, peace talks between Nikki and Eva did not end the way you might have expected.

Or hoped for. We sort of expected them to go to crap.

Meanwhile, Nattie took a big risk, Paige was brought to tears at her first WrestleMania, and Brie and Bryan got the results of their fertility testing.

If you were looking for major drama on the E! reality hit, Total Divas Season 4 Episode 3, titled "Eat Your Heart Out," did not disappoint.

Nikki and Eva's beef did not end up getting resolved, as words were exchanged, ranging from passive aggressive to just aggressive.

Bottom line, Nikki cries a lot and flirts with getting hysterical but doesn't quite go that far. Brie tells her she's amazing and empowering.

Rinse, repeat. Meanwhile, Eva's man tells her how she should deal with the haters in a similar pep talk. Rinse, repeat some more.

At WrestleMania, Paige gets her moment and cries before her big match. Very touching. Bryan inducts Connor into the Hall of Fame.

Finally, Bryan and Brie go to a fertility clinic, where - you're not going to believe this - they are given the green light to have babies.

Now that she is 100 percent fertile and can have kids whenever she wants, Brie announces she's saying in WWE with her sister.

Nothing like dragging out the status quo over multiple episodes with contrived storylines, but you know Eva is sweating now at least.

You can watch Total Divas online to see the action play out for yourself this and every week, and see the clip above for the big reveal.

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