The Walking Dead Season 6 Pic: Rick at a Crossroads

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Rick Grimes is making like Britney Spears in the first photo from The Walking Dead Season 6.

He appears to be at a crossroads in life. (Bet you didn't see that segue coming!)

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, AMC has given fans their first look at the former constable on the Season 6 premiere - and it's worth noting that he isn't wearing the uniform Deanna gave him when he arrived in Alexandria.

Walking Dead Season 6 Photo

Standing at the intersection of Marshall and Redding, Rick is also covered in bruises and bandages.

Might this imply that The Walking Dead Season 6 picks up very soon after the epic fight between Rick and Pete that concluded The Walking Dead Season 5?

You can visit our friends at TV Fanatic to watch The Walking Dead online and relive this battle, and you can also bookmark The Hollywood Gossip for this weekend:

Look for AMC to unveil the first Season 6 trailer at Comic-Con in San Diego and look for us to post this footage as soon as it hits the Internet.

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