Scott Disick: Kicked Out By Kourtney Kardashian, Cheating on Her in St. Tropez?!

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Has Scott Disick just plain given up on his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian? Or at least stopped trying to even hide that he cheats on her?

Kourtney and Scott Split?

That's the implication of a shocking new report - with photos - from Radar, which caught Scott getting cozy with some girl in St. Tropez, France.

We weren't there, but it sure looks like he's trying to get some.

Reports of Kourtney Kardashian leaving Scott Disick, unconfirmed as they are, sure don't seem all that far fetched after these recent events.

The father of Mason, 5, Penelope, 2, and baby Reign doesn't seem to prioritize his family back home, or care who knows it quite frankly.

Spotted on a private yacht, Disick was seen pulling a mystery woman closer to him as she appears to be resisting his charm (good for her).

This is in the wake of a week-long NYC bender after which a source said, "Kourtney basically told Scott to get the hell out of the house."

She's past the point of grief and just relieved, evidently.

Rather than being devastated, "Kourtney is glad that Scott is gone because things are much easier for her without him," the insider dished.

"They have been at each other's throats lately."

Sources also dish that Scott feels like a prisoner in his own home - a dubious claim, given his penchant for ditching his family to party.

"After Scott saw the rest of the family bouncing around Europe he kept throwing it in her face that she has him trapped in their home."

"She does not have him trapped though."

"Scott knows that he can come and go and do as he pleases and she is at the point now where she just doesn't care what he does."

Pretty much.

And when he's not worried about getting college girls pregnant, he's reminding his longtime partner of how hot she used to be.

"All Kourtney really cares about right now are her kids and she is grateful that Scott has been a part of their lives," the source adds.

"But if he doesn't continue to be in their children's lives and they do end up breaking up, she will not be particularly devastated."

"In fact, it will probably be a lot less stressful."

Happy trails, Lord?

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