Kourtney Kardashian: Ready to Leave Scott Disick Over Latest Bender, Affair?

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Scott Disick was allegedly caught cheating on longtime partner Kourtney Kardashian recently, and THIS TIME it's the last straw ... again.

Kourt K.

Apparently, Scott finally crossed the line - that line was very, very far away from where it would be for most people - with his latest antics.

Reports of Disick railing a 21-year-old for the better part of a week in a New York hotel have spread like wildfire, and Kourt feels betrayed.

Exhausted trying to take care of 6-month-old baby Reign and her two toddlers, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians beauty is fed up.

What took her so long, we can't say. Perhaps the fact that her man seems to be wilding out even harder than ever is starting to resonate.

An insider reveals “Scott was taking cocaine and doing Xanax in NYC. He was out of control. He had sex with this hot 21 year old."

"They holed up in his hotel room for days."

Days. That's longer than he's ever spent with Kourtney at one time; these two don't even sleep in the same room when he is home!

At this point, after all he's done and is doing, “Kourtney is prepared to raise the kids alone. She basically feels like she has been anyways."

"Living with Scott is like having a fourth child," the source adds, and in that respect, "she actually thinks that it will be easier without him.”

Obvious response: We'll believe it when we see it.

However, it's not like Kourtney has a lot to lose in some respects, except dead weight, or that Scott can do much about it if she bails.

Not only has he never married her, considering his history of drug and alcohol abuse, what legal leg does the Lord have to stand on?

This is the guy who begs for an open relationship, then acts like he's in one anyway, then somehow gets taken back. Rinse, repeat.

We like Scott and we wish these two the best, but at some point, you gotta stand up for yourself, Kourt, and demand better in life.

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