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On April 23, child star Sawyer Sweeten committed suicide.  The Everybody Loves Raymond star shot himself in the head while in Texas visiting family members.

Now, a toxicology report has disclosed that 19-year-old Sweeten had used drugs before his death.

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According to a toxicology report, Sawyer had marijuana or “cannabinoid” in his body.

Jacklyn Stines, Sawyer’s cousin, reported that he may have been suffering from depression.  She said, “I’ve heard he was depressed, but I don’t know what exactly about.”

“There is a history of depression in the family, all through. Many of them are on medication for depression,” Stines added.

Sawyer and his twin brother Sullivan and their sister Madylin worked together on Everybody Loves Raymond. They played Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton’s kids on the hit show from 1996 to 2005.

Sawyer grew up on the show and was cherished as a cast member.  After his death, Sweeten was mourned by his co-stars.  They took to Twitter to remind their followers how much they loved Sawyer.