Married With Children Spinoff: Actually Happening?!

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Ed O'Neill has Modern Family. Katie Segal has starred in Futurama and Sons of Anarchy. Christina Applegate has an actual movie career.

So we suppose it's not too surprising that David Faustino is the only one really talking about the long-rumored Married With Children spinoff, but he says it's almost certainly happening.

Married With Children Cast

“Sony has it. They’re excited about it. They’re working out some legal issues that we hope they work out,” Faustino said in a recent interview with E! News. 

“The whole cast, including Christina, is down to do little bits in it. The idea would be a pilot for a spin-off. That’s all I can say right now. It involves me and few other people.” 

It's great news for both the pint-sized frequent Entourage guest star and fans of the raunchy old-school Fox sitcom, alike.

Fuller House and Girl Meets World both got green lit thanks in part to the wave of 90s nostalgia that's currently sweeping the Internet.

The news about Married is a bit more surprising, however, as aside from Bud "Grandmaster B" Bundy, the cast is all doing very well for themselves.

So why would they take time away from their busy schedules to return to the roles that helped make them famous?

Well, you know how celebrities love charity work:

“All of us have said we would all be there for [Faustino],” Applegate said in a recent interview.

We think that just about says it all. 

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