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Last month, we reported that Mariah Carey is dating James Packer, an Australian billionaire who was previously in a relationship with Miranda Kerr.

According to some reports the couple is moving fast – very fast. In fact, it’s been rumored that Carey and Packer are talking marriage.

That may seem foolish, considering the ink is barely dry on Mariah’s divorce from Nick Cannon, but if there’s any truth behind the list of relationship demands recently reported by Star and OK, Mariah better lock down any dude who’s crazy enough to go along with her insane diva tendencies.

First of all, the tabloids claim that Mariah only has sex on Mondays. Seriously.

“There’s a beauty routine she goes through beforehand,” says a source. “And she likes to make sure candles are lit and music is playing.”

Wow. Sounds passionate.

Of course, the weirdness doesn’t end with Carey’s carefully-scheduled sex life. 

Sources say Mariah requires that a bottle of her favorite champagne is kept on ice at all times.

She demands that her music be played ’round-the-clock; no one is allowed to smoke in her presence, and she forced James to buy 24 humidifiers in order to keep her “skin supple and her nasal passages moist.”

Even stranger, Mariah doesn’t allow anyone to mention her ex-husband by name. Apparently, she won’t even utter the words “Nick Cannon” herself:

“She only calls Nick ‘my children’s father’ and expects everyone else to follow suit,” says the insider.

Yeah, it’s definitely too soon for Mariah to get married for a third time, but if James is seriously willing to put up with all this crap, she may have found “the one.”