Kate Middleton Fears Cheating Scandal, Plans Third Baby???

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It’s been just under three months since Kate Middleton gave birth to her second baby, Charlotte.

But some are speculating that the Duchess of Cambridge might be planning her third child—to protect her rank and to stop Prince William from cheating.

Middleton, K.

With the arrival of Gemma Mullen, William's air ambulance co-worker, Kate is tightening up on the leash and trying to devise a way to make sure William stays faithful.

There’s no doubt that Kate is loved by most of the world.  Her charm and fashion have caught the eyes of the public both in the UK and beyond.  

Following in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps, she has become a figure of normalcy in the royal family.  In fact, the Daily Mail and other media outlets have referred to Kate as the People’s Next Princess, playing off of Diana’s reputation as the People’s Princess.

But one characteristic of Kate that might not be so charming is her desperation to keep William.

Rumors report that she is so protective of their relationship, that she has tried to break up Prince Harry and his on-and-off again girlfriend Cressida Bonas.  Kate doesn’t want any women around that could tempt William.

Star Magazine reported that Kate has even started taking pole dancing classes.  The classes are billed as “exercise.” 

“She tells everyone that it was great exercise, and she told me that a woman should always have secret talents up her sleeve,” a source told Star Magazine.

But many are wondering if she wants secrets up her sleeve so she can keep William's attention away from other women.

Most recently, the Duchess of Cambridge officially appeared with Prince William for her children’s charity, Motiv8. The couple wore matching jackets with their titles, The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke of Cambridge, on the back.

At first glance, it appears they are just being overly sentimental.  But some are questioning if Kate is showing off her title loud and clear.  Though we think any potential mistresses already knows about her.

When asked about a third baby, Prince William laughed, but didn’t rule out the possibility.  But Kate Middleton isn’t laughing.  And it seems she will do what it takes to stay in the royal family and keep her man.

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