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Former Playboy model Izabella St. James is weighing in on Holly Madison and why she is opening up about being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend now.

St. James’ abridged theory: Holly’s a pathetic, creepy, weirdo liar who’s just bitter because she was the one who had to please Hefner sexually.

Yup, this is gonna be good …

Izabella St. James Pic
Holly Madison of Playboy Fame

According to Kendra Wilkinson, Holly is out for revenge because she was cut out of Hef’s will. But Izabella thinks it goes even deeper than that.

Sort of literally in some cases, if you follow.

About Holly, whose book Down the Rabbit Hole makes some startling allegations about Hefner and Playboy, Izabella says her motive is clear:

"She is selling the book by making outrageous claims, doing tell-all interviews where she says he degraded her and calls it the house of horrors."

"If it was the house of horrors," Izabella adds, then Madison, rather than Hefner’s victim, "was the most willing and happy participant of it all."

Izabella believes Holly’s crazy claims stem from bitterness over being ostracized from the "core" Bunny group, referring them to the "cool kids."

After Madison was shunned as Hef’s "favorite" girl, St. James says, she became so desperate that she began emulating everything Hugh did.

And doing anything he wanted to do. To her.

According to Izabella, 39, Hef just wasn’t that into Holly, 35, even though Madison did everything to get him back into her any way she could.

Holly was allegedly an active participant in orgies ending wth Hef "finishing off himself," as well as the only willing participant in more sex acts.

Back door and more, intrusive sex toys, you name it – Holly was willing to do whatever it took to please her man, and she’s bitter as a result.

Izabella says, "She had to take one for the team, and she always did, and we have seen her do some extremely humiliating things sexually."

"I think part of her bitterness and humiliation and vengefulness comes from that. It was very belittling and she was the only one who did that."

Even the other bunnies were appalled, she says: "I think everyone looked down on it and looked down on her for having to be in that position."

Ironically, Izabella St. James is sort of doing the exact thing that she accuses Madison of when she sells her out to the media in this fashion.

St. James’ comments are eye-opening, for sure, but could she be just a tiny bit bitter and desperate herself that she wasn’t Hef’s #1 girlfriend?

Maybe not, in retrospect, given the sex with Hugh Hefner … but with all the mind games going on behind closed doors, you do have to wonder.