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Last night, on Duck Dynasty Season 8 Episode 2, Jase was gifted a copious amount of fireworks, which he obviously used to celebrate July 4.

Tonight … we celebrate … our Induckpendence Day!!

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That was the actual title of Duck Dynasty Season 8 Episode 2, which is certainly appropriate given that July 4 is coming up this weekend.

When was this filmed, though? Do they have their Fourth of July barbecue weeks in advance down in West Monroe? Is it all staged!?

So many questions probably not worth thinking about.

Whereas last week set the tone for John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate McEacharn‘s wedding, this one set it for the U.S.A’s birthday.

Jase and company can have a good time with just about anything, so you can imagine what happened when they took on this project.

The entire point is to blow stuff up! It’s too perfect.

Meanwhile, the affable, crazy Uncle Si was honored by the veterans association and given his own exhibit at the local military museum.

That’s pretty awesome any way you look at it.

All in all, it was another enjoyable installment, and we urge you to watch Duck Dynasty online in order to see it from beginning to end.

And check out the gang sans beards below …