Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter With Bizarre Message to Fans

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Few celebrities have a Twitter presence quite like Charlie Sheen's.

Of course, the same Sheen rants, raves and threats that have made his account so entertaining over the years have also resulted in some major legal headaches for Chuckles. 

Just last week, for example, Sheen slammed ex-wife Denise Richards as an "evil terrorist" in a bizarre Father's Day tirade that's unlikely to do the Sheenius any favors at future custody hearings.

So perhaps it's not surprising that Charlie is finally retiring from Twitter. What is surprising is the method with which he announced the news: 

Charlie Sheen Twitter Pic

Yesterday, Sheen posted the above pic with a message that reads, "I just quit Twitter go f-k yurselves #NueSheenBitches"

Yes, it looks we're in store for a "nue Sheen," whatever that means. Frankly, we're a bit scared...and very excited.

Sure, the former Two and a Half Men-star-turned-raving-lunatic has calmed down a bit since the days of his epic battle against Chuck Lorre, CBS and the universe, but he's still capable of some truly baffling behavior.

(See Sheen's rant about President Obama's March Madness bracket for evidence.)

Some fans have pointed out that Sheen appears to be wearing rubber tubing on his right arm in the photo above.

That could mean that he was recently released from the hospital, or that he's been dabbling in intravenous drug use. Heck, this is Charlie Sheen we're talking about; maybe it's both!

In all seriousness, we hope the Masheen is healthy and (relatively) sober. That said, we also hope he unleashes a flurry of poetic madness the likes of which we've never seen on some other social media site platform in the very near future.

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