Caitlyn Jenner Sounds Nothing Like a Woman

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Caitlyn Jenner is doing pretty darn well for herself, wouldn't you say?

She gave a well-received, heartfelt speech at the ESPYs... she has the full support of her family... and she is embracing her responsibility as a transgender role model.

But this clip from Sunday's new episode of I Am Cait makes it clear that Caitlyn still has something she can improve on. By a lot.

Sitting with Kim Kardashian and Malika Haqq, Caitlyn admits she used to try and pass herself off as a woman on the phone.

She would often call room service, for example, using a “feminine voice” in order to be referred to as “ma’am.”

But she could never pull it off.

Okay, let's see what you've got, Kim and Malika respond. They want to see Caitlyn try and speak like a woman.

So she does... and ends up sounding exactly the same as she did when she lived as a man.

"Women cannot relate to the whole voice thing," Jenner later tells the camera.

"They don't see it as being that important when it is that important, not only for you to speak and order and do all that kind of stuff, but very important for your soul that you're feeling good about that."

Check out the clip above; view more clips below; and visit TV Fanatic if you need to watch I Am Cait online.

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