Ben Higgins: The Bachelor is SO Real, Emotional, Effective!

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Ben Higgins is speaking out on his new starring role as The Bachelor and why he is excited, albeit nervous, to dole out roses in 2016.

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While he wasn't Kaitlyn Bristowe's final rose winner (see The Bachelorette spoilers to find out who is), Ben's journey is only beginning.

While he is yet to finalize his contract and ABC won't be making any comment for awhile, Ben Higgins is the next Bachelor. It's done.

The third-place Bachelorette finisher tells E! News he is fired up and ready to go, too, having only good things to say about the show:

"Doing this experience, you come in skeptical and you walk out of the experience, I did at least, realizing it's a very real thing."

"True emotions do evolve and it does give you the opportunity to meet somebody that you could potentially spend the rest of your life with."

Higgins' only hesitation about going all-in as face of the franchise?

"I had a great experience on the show, from beginning to end. Like I've said it, I have a good life, though. I have a job that is steady."

"I have a house in Denver and I have a great family ... [to be The Bachelor] I'd have to consider and seriously consider those things."

Consider them he did, and he also pointed out that with sites ranging from Tinder to Christian Mingle, traditional "dating" doesn't exist.

Calling The Bachelor process just as "effective" (at least certain seasons ... let's just forget about 2014, okay?) Higgins explained:

"As weird as it is, you as a man, you get 25 women to date ... that's pretty good odds that one of them is going to be compatible with you."

While he didn't end up finding lasting love with Kaitlyn, Ben still says it's possible "to find love through this process." Case in point?

"I actually ran into Trista and Ryan Sutter this past week," Higgins said. "I think seeing them gives me hope that this works."

They are a terrific case study. Some of these others, however ...

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