Aaron Paul Aims to Squash Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj Twitter Beef

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As was made clear many months ago, magazine photos of Kim Kardashian nude do not break the Internet.

But two of the most popular solo artists on the planet going at it over Twitter has left the entire World Wide Web shaken, scared and confused.

This is what we discovered last night after Nicki Minaj complained that only artists who celebrate women with "slim bodies" received 2015 MTV Video Awards nominations...

... and Taylor Swift proceeded to take exception, assuming Minaj was aiming her wrath in Taylor's direction.

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Insane Taylor Swift
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The subsequent Swift vs. Minaj Twitter war did not exactly involve fatal shots being fired, seeing as how Swift ended up inviting Minaj to share the stage with her at any time.

But it still left Aaron Paul reeling.

"Dear @taylorswift13 and @NICKIMINAJ, I love you both," the beloved Breaking Bad star Tweeted in response.

"How about we all get together and talk this thru? Coffee? Pancakes?? My treat."

Seriously... how much would you pay to see Aaron Paul, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj sit down for pancakes together?

Elsewhere, Bruno Mars also got in on the fun, challenging Ed Sheeran over social media and writing:

"Yo I want in on this twitter Beef!! VMAs is the new WWF!! @edsheeran F--k You!"

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