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Picking up where last week left off, The Bachelorette Season 11 Episode 3 saw a disgruntled hopeful refusing to leave and a cocktail party cut short.

Who was left standing, and holding roses, at the end of the night?

As always, you can follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers to learn who Kaitlyn picks in the end and more shocking details from this season.

You know, in case you just can’t WAIT to find out.

Now, on to this week’s Bachelorette recap …

Watch The Bachelorette Season 11 Episode 4 Online
Watch The Bachelorette Season 11 Episode 4 Online

Last week, The Bachelorette left us with the start of Kupah James’ man meltdown.

Upset that he didn’t receive a rose, he stood out in front of the mansion yelling and whining that he doesn’t want to go home.

His tantrum was so loud that Kaitlyn overheard him from inside the mansion.

Making sure the show stays true to its contrived, dramatic nature, Kaitlyn confronted Kupah, telling him that he is making the situation worse.

“This is just not right,” Kaitlyn said.  “Now, you’re creating this uncomfortable situation.”

Kupah quickly whined, “I don’t want to go home.”  Well too bad.  Because Kaitlyn just kicked your a** to the curb. Bye, Felicia.

As Kaitlyn walked away, Kupah did a nice job convincing the audience that he is not the right pick.

“You have chlamydia.  That’s what she said,” Kupah over exaggerates in his emotional meltdown.

Of course, on reality TV, each moment is stranger than the last.  But it was difficult to decipher what was stranger: Kupah’s self-deprecating joke that he has a burner or Kaitlyn’s emotional state after confronting Kupah.

“I’m already so invested in these guys’ feelings,” Kaitlyn said wiping away tears.

The longest running criticism of The Bachelor franchise is that there is no way the contestants could feel so “connected” and “in love” over the course of short group dates.

But despite 19 seasons of The Bachelor and 11 seasons of The Bachelorette, it is still astonishing how pathetically emotional everyone gets on the show.

Kaitlyn cried and expressed overwhelming sentiments of guilt for dismissing Kupah and the other men from the latter rose ceremony.

But this is exactly what makes Kaitlyn an ideal pick as the bachelorette.  She has the guts to confront Kupah and the sensitivity to feel guilt.

She fills the fantasy role many men have of women, the dualistic identity of the tough girl who can stand up for herself but isn’t afraid to cry.  Tough.  But not too tough.

Speaking of not too tough, the guys got their asses whipped by some serious sumo wrestlers. The guys went on a group "date" where they were challenged to wrestle Japan’s top sumo wrestlers, Byamba and Yama.

Of course, not a single guy was able to beat the sumo wrestlers.  And the date turned into a half-naked, embarrassing display of men wearing diapers and rubbing their naked bodies together.

Thankfully, these dudes aren’t hard on the eyes. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world to watch them “fight.”

Kaitlyn even had a lucky view of Joe, whose left testicle decided to make a full blown appearance for the duration of the date.

The “date” was Kaitlyn’s idea of having fun.  But the act of having the men wrestle for a woman’s affection is archaic.  And they certainly weren’t getting to know Kaitlyn as they rolled around with a 300 pound man.

Tony, the hippy healer with “the heart of a warrior and the soul of a gypsy,” might have been the only person who understood the ridiculousness of the sumo wrestling.  However, his feelings about it were overly philosophical.

He was highly offended that he was asked to behave violently. “I can’t find happiness by reverting back to my primal instincts,” he whined.

Ummmmm, yeah.  I bet if Kaitlyn Bristowe asked him to bang her rather than sumo wrestle, he’d be ALL OVER those primal instincts.

Tony ended up departing the show upon his own will to spend time with his dogs and bonsai trees.  Namaste.

Kaitlyn went on a one-on-one date with Ben Z.  According to Kaitlyn, Ben Z. is a “babe soda”—whatever that means…

The duo went on a date arranged by the show’s host, Chris Harrison.  Locked in a room with bugs, birds, and snakes, they had to solve clues and decipher a code to get out of the room.

For clarity’s sake, I should note that Kaitlyn’s girlish screaming at the birds and actor who rose from the bed made me want to shove wood chips underneath my fingernails.  The sensation of my nails lifting from their beds would feel better than listening to her scream.

Maybe I’m just jealous.  Ben Z. is super hot, and she held onto him the entire time.

Ben Z. did his best to “protect” her (from what I’m not sure).  But he started to lose his sh*t when he had to reach past live snakes.

For the most part, Ben seemed to be a good date.  However, the chivalry was mildly sickening. 

Kaitlyn was chosen because she has some sense of self-actualization and authority. However, her damsel in distress behavior once again reinforced the tough, but not too tough characteristic.

The two played into such stereotypes during their date that it was obvious they weren’t truly being themselves.  For instance, that was evident when Ben tried to downplay his fear of snakes.  

After freaking about the snakes in the escape room, he later told Kaitlyn he isn’t really that afraid of them.  Macho is never cute.

The other group date was actually entertaining and even offered some insight to the guys’ personality and humility.

Asked to teach a group of kids various sex ed topics, the guys fumbled through information about periods, wet dreams, orgasms, fertilization, and puberty.

Of course, being the self-proclaimed funny girl, Kaitlyn was pranking them with child actors.  But the task illuminated their personalities.

For instance, (the other) Ben killed it.  He was confident and even endearing when he spoke to the kids.

And that mimicked his personality when he and Kaitlyn spent private time together.  He was confident in approaching and kissing her.  He even went on a limb to call her his girlfriend (which I think is weird, but it takes a set to say that).

So although the date was contrived and awkward, it served a greater purpose than the sumo wrestling date.  During the sumo date, the men proved nothing about themselves.  But on the sex ed date, the guys true colors were shining.

This week, The Bachelor franchise has been under fire since Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff broke up. The shows are not known for creating lasting romances. 

But there might be true love brewing already on this season of The Bachelorette!

Two of the male contestants JJ and Clint are feeling each for reals.  Their bromance is turning into a romance.  Clint even said in his interview that he is “falling in love with a man.”

I’m down for two dudes falling in love, and I appreciate The Bachelorette producers are willing to show it.

What I’m not down with is Clint and JJ’s sh*tty attitude toward the other guys and Kaitlyn.

JJ is just a douche who oozes insecurity.  But Clint is conniving.  After spending a little quiet time with Kaitlyn, he said, “I had my power socks on.  I had the power, and I had to abuse it.”

Sure, Clint was casted to keep the drama going.  Despite being cognizant of that, it is difficult to watch his macho attitude as he attempts to fool Kaitlyn.

Clint wants to get a rose so he can stay in the house with JJ.  But it was evident at the end of the episode that Kaitlyn is ready to give them both the boot.

By the end of the episode, it looked like it going to be all about the Benjamins.  Both Bens scored major points with Kaitlyn; they might be the major contenders of the season.

With two hour episodes, there is plenty of drama and Kaitlyn’s infuriating laugh to come.  Buckle up because it’s about to heat up as the next round of guys will be hitting the road sooner rather than later!