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The Bachelorette hopeful Kupah James lost his mind last night as a seemingly harmless conversation with Kaitlyn Bristowe quickly spiraled out of control.

Stressed out from competing with all these other guys, Kupah pressed Kaitlyn on whether she really felt a connection or was just filling a minority quota.

Pretty incredible, given that he seemed like he was far more into the activity on the group date (boxing! fun!) than spending quality time with Bristowe.

Kaitlyn assured him she felt something real … or at least she did, until he started questioning her motives with that bizarre comment about the quota.

At that point, things got extremely uncomfortable.

Kupah began running his mouth to the guys about their conversation … with Kaitlyn still within earshot. Suffice it to say, she didn’t like what she heard.

She cut him loose right then and there.

As The Bachelorette spoilers predicted, poor Kupah will not be joining Bristowe on her "journey" any longer … but his meltdown is not even over!

Dude made such a stink about being cut and basically refused to leave, causing a commotion that will pick up next week after this "cliffhanger."