Rihanna on Chris Brown-Karrueche Fight: What a GOON!

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Rihanna's take on last week's blowout Chris Brown-Karrueche Tran fight pretty much mirrors what a lot of us are thinking in response to the melee.

Brown and Kae
Rihanna: Pissed

Tran, who had gotten back together with Chris yet again, is not the only one done with Brown’s violent, combative and otherwise unstable personality.

A source close the situation reveals that Rihanna feels that Brown, her oft-maligned former lover, is “troubled,” and wants nothing to do with him.

That's as nicely as one could phrase it, honestly.

Rihanna feels really bad that he is obviously very troubled and in pain," says the insider, "but she is not going to reach out to him and help."

The reason? "Way less drama" if she doesn't.

"He has had plenty of chances and she just doesn’t want to get into it. That was her former life and she got out and likes the world she is living in now."

If this is true, well, looks like she's really moved on.

Not a moment too soon, either. Brown teases us with introspective Instagram posts about being a better person, then manages to LOWER the bar.

Chris Brown sucks as a human being. He has even come out and admitted this, yet doesn't seem to be able to make any progress in that regard.

It's sad, really. For the 26-year-old, for those who genuinely love him, and now for baby Royalty who he has a far greater responsibility to.

Whatever Chris needs, we don't even know at this point, but here's hoping he finds some kind of inner peace somehow and turns this around.

This destructive pattern simply cannot continue.

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