Chet Haze Trashes Hotel Room in Tantrum Over Lack of Drugs, Women's Refusal to Sleep With Him

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Chet Haze has been in the news a lot lately, and none of it is likely to make his beloved, Oscar-winning father very proud.

If you're not familiar, Chet is a 24-year-old "rapper" and the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. He's also one of the greatest D-bags in history.

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Last week, Chet's use of the n-word on social media made him the center of a lot of negative attention. Prior to that, Chet was admitted to rehab for cocaine addiction. 

Now, it seems that Chet hasn't learned any lessons regarding his drug use or his douchey behavior, as he's currently wanted by London police for allegedly trashing a hotel room while drunk.

Sources tell London tabloid The Mirror that Chet convinced some girls to come back to his room with him during a recent party tour of the UK.

He proceeded to trash the place when he realized that none of the girls would be willing to offer him cocaine or sex.

"He was pretty obnoxious once he started drinking at the club," says one witness. "He kept saying ‘do you know who I am?’ Nobody was all that impressed and that was clearly annoying him. Nobody recognised him.

"He then went back to the hotel with a British actor friend and three female promoters. He was sick in the car park and then went up to the room and got really loud.

“He asked the girls if they would join him in the bed, but they are not like that. So he started screaming and making a right noise.

"He saw some sprinkled make-up called banana powder and started asking ‘who’s got the coke?’ But nobody did drugs there. Then he started shouting that he was not going to share it with another man.”

The insider says Mr. Haze completely destroyed his room and left London early the next morning.

Somewhere, Colin Hanks is polishing the trophy he receives each year as his father's favorite.

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