Lady Gaga Wears Bikini, Holds Dead Fish, Flips Off Camera, Remains Weird

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are in vacation in the Bahamas this week and while you might think that the Mother Monster would enjoy some time away from the spotlight, but you would be dead wrong.

Media attention is like oxygen to Gaga and without it, there's nothing to stop her from fading into obscurity or turning into Kesha.

So even when she's sipping cocktails on a Bahamian beach (so much for those rumors about Gaga being pregnant) the fiancee of Taylor Kinney uses selfies and semi-nudity to keep those sweet favorites and re-tweets rolling in.

Lady Gaga in a Bikini

Earlier today, Gaga posted the blurry photo above with a caption reading, "I'm marrying a Kinney, I know how to get cuntry [sic]."

Yes, either that was a typo and her husband-to-be is a country boy (We could've sworn he was the Johnny Drama-like overshadowed star of a fledgling NBC series, but whatever.), or she meant to spell it that way, and she...just called her fiance's family a bunch of c--ts? 

We're not really sure, but either way, it's nice to see that the engaged life hasn't made Gaga any less weird.

Of course, the best part of this photo is that it looks like she and Taylor started partying early, so we might have some more drunk, naked Lady Gaga photos by tonight! 

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